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GVRC: Embracing Global Innovations and Seizing Development Opportunities

  (July 03, 2017)

A Snapshot over Global Virtual Reality Conference 2017 in the Context of Booming Industry and Infinite Business Opportunities

SHANGHAI, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 27th- 28th, 2017, the 2nd Global Virtual Reality Conference (GVRC) was held at The China Europe International Business School (Shanghai Campus). As the top event of the global virtual reality industry, GVRC brought together world-class heavyweight speeches, nearly ten roundtable forums, leading developer sharing events, carefully-arranged top-grade investment roadshows, the most cutting-edge product releases and the most diversified VR/AR/AI technology exhibitions. GVRC comprehensively demonstrates the highest level of VR technology industry.

As one of the co-hosts, China Mobile Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd. gives full play to its product "Migu Live Show", makes use of its own cloud service platform "Migu Cloud", and provides a VR live show, a 360° panoramic live show and other live services for GVRC. In addition, GVRC is broadcast on Facebook, Youtube and other overseas video platforms under synchronization so that global users can attend GVRC in an immersive way through the latest VR live show technology.


Investment & roadshows:


Investment & roadshows:  

It is reported that the 2nd GVRC is highly sought after because it brings together the essences of the whole virtual reality industry, and fully reveals the future development trend of the virtual reality industry, "Professional Segmentation, In-depth Collaboration and Industry Integration". Dozens of enterprises take part in this grand event, such as ORG, chip giant Qualcomm, network platform service provider Migu Video Technology, etc. They are engaged in hardware, software, cloud services, applications, channels, contents, investments and industry partnership, and play a role in the whole virtual reality industry chain. In the 2nd GVRC, leaders of various industries work together to sparkle the unlimited possibilities of virtual reality industry, and strive to turn "VR+" Dream into reality.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of June 27th, representatives of the whole virtual reality industry chain, leaders on behalf of ODG, SimX AR, Muiqi Video Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co., Ltd., Kuan Capital, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai Shining Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Vanfud Urban Investment and Development Co., Ltd. jointly kicked off a "Release Ceremony of Jinqiao Virtual Reality Industry Map". This ceremony was presented with the novel AR approach. Eight guests wore AR smart glasses manufactured by ODG, a well-known AR equipment manufacturer in the US. Thanks to the virtual reality hand gesture capture technology, these guests cooperatively completed a 3D composition of Global Virtual Reality Industry Map under a virtual 3D environment. Through the big screen, on-site attendees watched this impressive and fantastic scene in sync. AR signing ceremony fully embodies that GVRC is dominated by technology outlook and virtual future.

Then Zhu Xiaoming (Ph.D., Professor of Management at CEIBS and former President of CEIBS) delivered a welcoming speech entitled "Forging ahead Towards Digital Economy and Intelligent Economy". Dr. Zhu Xiaoming comments: "If any traditional industry makes no attempt to make aggressive progress, it will be overshadowed by digitalization and intelligentization process (including education industry)."

Afterwards, Sam Rosen (Research Managing Director and vice president of ABI Research) delivered a keynote speech entitled "AR/VR Industry Overview". He stressed that VR and AR industries will develop at a skyrocketing speed in the next decade. AR will achieve new vertical diffusion in manufacturing and industry. The education sector will witness the new breakthroughs in VR.

Ralph Osterhout, CEO of ODG (a well-known US AR equipment manufacturer), made a keynote speech entitled "MR Innovation and Development", and focused the future development trends of AR/MR and other types of headset computers.

Paul Humber (Senior Director of NFC, General Manager of NFC Infrastructure & Consumer Product Line) shares ideas on the ways NFC technologies connect the virtual world and real world. NFC is a world leader of intelligent chip industry. He points out that NFC technologies create an intuitive bridge between virtual world and real world, and achieve a wide range of inclusive connectivity experiences with incomparable cost-effectiveness.

Hugo Swart (Head of IOT Business and Head of Wearing Equipment at industry giant Qualcomm) showed a stunning virtual reality solution. According to him, with the rapid development of science and technology, AR and VR will upgrade and prevail in all fields in an all-round way. The new technology can integrate visual, auditory and interactive interactions.

Matthew Turk (Professor at University of California) shared new AR technological breakthroughs with on-site attendees, and commented that birth of AR technology allows the virtual world and reality to interact. AR interaction makes reality distance closer, achieves the effect of super-power transmission, and enables users to enjoy immersive, real-time and remote participation, guidance and cooperation.

As a representative of the capital sector, Michael Kuan (Chairman of Kuan Capital) focuses on "Joint Innovation of China and the World" from the perspective of capital. China is a big country in terms of business startup rather than innovation. In addition to imitation and mergers and acquisitions, it is necessary to vigorously propel Joint Innovation of China and the World so that China can catch up with developed countries in science and technology. Joint innovation is cross-border, interdisciplinary and transnational, which is aimed to leverage the worldwide talent, science and technology and capital to jointly devote to "The Belt and Road", jointly address the challenges facing the humankind, and jointly launch sharing and win-win.

As a representative of the academic community, Jiangtao (Gene) Wen (Professor of Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University; Director of Tsinghua-Microsoft Key Laboratory under Management of Ministry of Education and IEEE Fellow) introduces new dimension for three-dimensional panoramic video to take the world view, describes three-dimensional panoramic video applications in entertainment, documentary, news coverage and other fields, highlights important significance of artificial intelligence and big data input, as well as the involved technical and artistic challenges. He not only introduces the world's first professional-grade real-time, all-optical 3D panoramic stereo video system, but also showcases fragments for opening concert of La Fête de la Musique 2017 (Shanghai Stop) by means of this system.

As a representative of a pioneering operator in the virtual reality industry, Xin Liu (General Manager of Migu Culture Technology Co., Ltd.) expresses that 5G Network will become future social infrastructure. Its natural advantages and characteristics will effectively promote large-scale popularity of VR/AR/AI applications, and usher in the advent of novelty in the smart Internet era.

On the afternoon of June 27th, four roundtable dialogues were held by the leaders of sub-industries who respectively discussed about four most challenging topics of virtual reality field, i.e., "Virtual Reality Product and Technology Innovations", "Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0", "Virtual Reality + Tourism/Medical Care" and "Virtual Reality + New Form of Performing Arts". Through roundtable dialogues, guests were not only generally optimistic about the big future of virtual reality + industry integration, but also cheered for those active explorers in various industries.

As another highlight of the 2nd GVRC, the establishment of Migu Glasses Developers Alliance Sub-forum preluded on Developers on June 28th. Migu Video Technology, ODG, Shining Cloud, EON and UCCVR share their own policies and construction outcomes for Migu Glasses Developers Alliance, and provide comprehensive supports for developers in terms of development tools, cloud functions and capitals. Migu Glasses Developers Alliance gathered outstanding industry players, and emerged as a global forefront MR (hybrid reality) and AR (augmented reality) development community. It will not only develop more leading-edge sophisticated solutions to traditional industries (such as medicine industry and automotive industry), but also create the broader "profit prospects" for developers.

On the afternoon of June 28th, Sub-forum on Developers focused on AR/VR commercial application and pan-entertainment. Attendees from various industries began with typical cases, and introduced ongoing and upcoming revolutions of their industries thanks to AR applications.

In this sense, the 2nd GVRC is not only an industry summit, but also becomes a broad platform to pool the global top ideas and share the global broad wisdom. Virtual reality technology suppliers not only discuss about in-depth integration of "VR+" with traditional industries, but also discuss about financing facilitation with capital suppliers". Traditional industries join hands with virtual reality technology suppliers to jointly build a new industrial model. Capital suppliers meet "Star of Hope" heralding the promising future of global virtual reality. According to Ms. Ling Meixing (Secretary-General of GVRC Organizing Committee), the 2nd GVRC is aimed to trigger "resonance" of global industry, arouse "echo" of industry ideology, establish "symbiosis" of industry mode, and promote "co-evolution" of industry development. When you take this top-level global perspective of virtual reality in advance, VR/AR is so close to you, so embedded into your daily life and dominates the future of our humankind to so sophisticated extent.

This two-day event is brimming with substantial contents, which also boasts many bright spots in innovation of technical means. Conference venue is equipped with the large-screen artificial intelligence translation system provided by Migu Lingxi, which can translate guests' speeches into Chinese and English (two-way translation). This technology is based on artificial intelligence big data operation, real-time audio comparison, massive thesaurus, real-time translation, real-time editing and real-time release on the screen, which makes communication efficiency and technological level of this international summit elevated to a new level. It is reported that Lingxi Shorthand achieves mandarin recognition accuracy rate of up to 95%. Through the search text, it can also accurately locate the conference audio to replay and carry out knowledge management of the conference. On Migu Lingxi App, lightweight shorthand function can help users quickly record voice contents.

In addition, more than 20 industry giants held the spotlight with their own latest virtual reality research and development fruits on June 27th-June 28th. The exhibition and displaying contents cover VR panorama shooting equipment, all-in-one VR machine, VR game, VR education, VR sports, VR video, VR intelligent hardware, optical research and development, artificial intelligence robot, etc. According to insiders, many of "black horse technologies" are the latest achievements in recent years, which make debut in the 2nd GVRC, and attract widespread attentions from the global virtual reality industry.

It is reported that Economy and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal Government is Guiding Authority of the 2nd GVRC. The 2nd GVRC is hosted by Economy and Information Technology Commission of Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Pudong New Area Bureau of Culture, Radio and Television, Jinqiao Bureau of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration, Shanghai Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Administration Committee, China Europe International Business School, Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone Development Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Migu Video Technology Co., Ltd. The 2nd GVRC is organized by Shanghai Xuanjing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Digital Content Industry Promotion Center. The 2nd GVRC is co-organized by China Institute of Stage Design, Shanghai Institute of Stage Design, Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association, Shanghai Baoshan Industry Park Administration Committee, Shanghai Northern Suburb Future Industry Park Investment, Development and Operation Co., Ltd., Kuan Capital, Shanghai Shining Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Cateyes Visual Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Balance Power (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd., Shanghai Henley Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Runan Property Development Co., Ltd. and

Shanghai Pudong New Area Social Development Foundation is Designated Partner of the 2nd GVRC. Sub-Forum on Developers is co-organized by Virtual Reality Professional Committee of Shanghai Network Audio-visual Association.

If Year of 2016 witnessed "budding period" and "rally period" of the virtual reality industry, Year of 2017 seems more like "adjustment period" and "accumulation period", as the whole industry is striving to make breakthroughs and expect the early arrival of "explosion period". Nowadays, seeking after industry-wide breakthrough and grope for the future development trend are not only questions in urgent need of consideration for the Chinese virtual reality industry, but also common questions for global virtual reality peers. At this turning point, Shanghai Jinqiao gives "call for heroes", and holds this lively GVRC. It is believed that this grand event will change industrial pattern and development direction of the global virtual reality to the utmost extent. Its far-reaching impacts on the whole industry will be also manifested by new breakthroughs of the entire virtual reality realm in the long run. As demonstrated by keywords of the 2nd GVRC?"Intelligence", "Future", "Great Integration" and "Great Collaboration", Jinqiao · Shanghai beside Huangpu River tells a truth: Technology is quite virtual, and the future is more realistic on the horizon here!

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